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Re: Cogent/Level 3 depeering

  • From: Paul Vixie
  • Date: Sun Oct 09 00:29:57 2005

> >> Take-away: Do not single home. ...
> >
> > so, CIDR was a bad idea, and we should push forward with one AS per
> > end-site and a global routing table of 500 million entries?
> I think that's unnecessarily one dimensional.  The needs of business to
> be connected in a reliable fashion are above and beyond being for or
> against CIDR.  Rather, they are the requirements for the routing
> architecture that the Internet has yet to fulfill.

well, sure, my answer is only valid if pigs do not have rocket boosters.
if you're going to talk about how fast pigs could fly if they had rocket
boosters then i'm very interested but i consider it a change of subject.

> Single homing is bad simply from a reliability standpoint, and the only
> true technological impediment to everyone multi-homing is cost and the
> routing architecture.  Consider the ability of the average consumer to
> make use of WiFi to provide mutual backup connectivity to his neighbors
> with alternate last mile providers.  As the cost goes to zero, everyone
> will want to multi-home.

yea, verily, that is so.  but "do not single home" is not practical advice
as of the date on this particular milk carton.  unless you can do it without
bgp.  see

if you're wondering how long we've been fiddling around with THAT tune here.
Paul Vixie