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Re: Regulatory intervention (Redux: Who is a Tier 1?)

  • From: William Allen Simpson
  • Date: Thu Oct 06 12:47:42 2005

Erik Haagsman wrote:
On Thu, 2005-10-06 at 11:56 -0400, William Allen Simpson wrote:
This partitioning is exactly what we predicted in many meetings when
discussion the terms of the contracts.

Markets are inefficient for infrastructure and tend toward monopoly.
How does replacing non-profit organisations (which most public IX'es
are) with government bodies and governmental legislation improve

Government _is_ a non-profit organization, with generally broader

How does replacing a representative government with a smaller feudal
organization improve anything?

Idiot laissez-faire pseudo-libertarians forget that all markets require
regulation and politics.
But why government regulated instead of IX member regulated...?

Because as much as it's best not to rely on thugs with guns, I really
don't want the thugs with guns to be private armies.

How do you expect to enforce your "member" regulations?

Again (to keep this on-topic), this partitioning is exactly what we predicted. And I don't see your member regulations having any effect.

William Allen Simpson
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