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  • From: Brad Knowles
  • Date: Tue Jun 21 02:53:07 2005

At 10:18 PM -0700 2005-06-20, Tony Li wrote:

 It is true that the PC will not get enough of these if it continues to
 rely on contributions.  Which of us *wants* to present?  Public speaking
 is the number one common fear, bar none.
Speaking only for myself, I'm not afraid of public speaking. It does have to be a topic I feel comfortable with, which usually means either re-using a talk that I have previously done before (albeit updated), or updating a topic that I've talked on before.

The former is easier for me, as I can take an existing presentation and re-work it (more or less). The latter is more difficult but probably more interesting for many in the audience who may have seen the presentation before.

All you gotta do is help me get there, help me with the cost of staying there, and fit into my schedule. I don't require any speakers fees, and for small conferences I'd be willing to help more with the expenses, but larger conferences would need to provide more of the funding themselves. However, I will consider all offers.

My registration at the SAGE Speakers Bureau (see <>) is a little old, but mostly still correct.

 p.s. No, I'm not a candidate.  If elected, I will not serve.  ;-)
I'm not a candidate either, and will not serve if anyone was stupid enough to try to elect me.

But I'd be happy to speak, if someone was interested in hearing me.

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