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RE: NANOG Changes

  • From: Michel Py
  • Date: Fri Feb 18 23:50:05 2005

> Paul Vixie wrote:
> I am uncomfortable having folks from the nanog-reform
> community accepting responsibility for provisional
> moderation (a form of interim governance),

So am I. However, I will point out that these individuals have acted
with precipitation (which is the correct term to use when something
happens in a matter of days) and without any kind of endorsement or
mandate from the nanog-reform community. See below about the position of
the nanog-reform community.

> Perception isn't *actually* reality,

[for those not reading nanOg-reform, this is a
hidden reference to my yesterday's post]

I could live with Paul's phrasing, as long as it is understood in the
context I wrote it:

> but in politics (which this is) the difference between
> perception and reality is just not worth discussing.

For the record, with regard to mailing-list moderation (BTW, we call
this mailing-list administration now), the collective position of the
nanog-reform community can be found in two places:


> List Administration Group
> Ideally, we would like to see the NANOG mailing list run itself,
> with peer pressure or self-policing used to keep things on topic.
> Since we recognize that there may at some point be cases where
> that doesn't work, there should also be a list administration
> group with the ability to deal with extreme cases. The list
> administrators should be selected by the board, and should follow
> policies set by the board. They should be people with an
> understanding of network operations and what constitutes on-topic
> and appropriate discussions. Attempts should be made to steer
> discussions back on-topic, and to determine whether somebody is
> really being disruptive, before any enforcement action is taken.
> There should be thorough public records of any enforcement actions


> 7.2.2 Mailing List Administrator Selection
> The steering committee will select the administrators of the NANOG
> mailing list (discussed further in 8.1.2).
> 8.1.2 Mailing List Administration The nanog-l will be administered
> and minimally moderated by a panel selected by the Steering Committee.

> William Allen Simpson wrote:
> Please, the interim-moderators should moderate, and the
> bylaws drafters should draft, and they should be separate.
> It's the usual difference between the Chair and the Editor
> (or Raporteur, or Recording Secretary).

Being one of the "bylaws drafters" I agree with this.