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Re: NANOG Changes

  • From: Simon Lyall
  • Date: Fri Feb 18 23:53:16 2005

On Sat, 19 Feb 2005, Stephen J. Wilcox wrote:
> Merit has setup the nanog-futures list and made it public and open from the
> outset.. that is the forum to take this discussion to but focus on what
> you want not whats past or interim.

Okay I just double checked the archive before saying this but after Betty

"Third, we are creating a new email list, NANOG-futures, to discuss
NANOG's evolution. We hope you'll participate - watch for a message later
today or tomorrow about subscribing and a proposed time-line for moving
us forward. "

I thought I'd wait for the actual announcement. Since this hasn't come I
assumed the list wasn't going yet. However I just checked.

and at the bottom it says:


NANOG-futures List

Everyone is welcome to join this new list, established to discuss concerns
raised at our special community meeting at the 2005 Las Vegas NANOG.
Topics to be covered include NANOG's organizational structure, policies
and procedures, and meeting agendas.

To subscribe to NANOG-futures, send mail to [email protected] with
'subscribe nanog-futures' (without the quotes) as the text of the message.
To unsubscribe, send e-mail to the same address, and use only the word
'unsubscribe' as the text of the message.


Which I guess means we should all go and join the list...

*sigh* , Lets hope after this rocky start things settle down.

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