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Re: ChinaNet Contacts

  • From: Gadi Evron
  • Date: Thu Feb 17 15:34:19 2005

Yo Vladis!

Those of us who have *enough* trouble keeping our own broadband users
zombie-free should be glad we're not the Korean CIRT staff.  *THEY* got
handed an entire *COUNTRY* full of clueless users on high-speed connections.
Indeed, KrCERT is doing a very good job at cluing KR. They are very good at handling incidents as well.

China.. now that's a different problem. So many organizations and no clue as to who to contact. Their CERT is a part of FIRST, but that's about it as far as *I* know.

But hey, we are a community. This is where we make this happen.
On my personal back yard, Israeli ISP's are divided to those who don't care, and the few that make an effort. As it is my back yard, if you ever need help with an incident, please ping me.