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NANOG Changes

  • From: Betty Burke
  • Date: Wed Feb 16 22:50:50 2005

Hi everyone - apologies for a rather long message, but I wanted to bring you up-to-date on some steps the Program Committee and Merit have taken to evolve NANOG since our community meeting in Las Vegas. *Many thanks* to those of you who attended and gave us feedback - we learned a lot and look forward to working with all of you to maintain the high standards we have come to expect from NANOG.

For now, I'd like to announce a few changes that will get us started.

First, the NANOG list will now be moderated by a volunteer group that includes Marty Hannigan, Steve Gibbard, and Chris Malayter. Many thanks to these folks for taking on this role in upholding the list's AUP. Susan Harris and Sue Joiner will represent Merit on the committee. Moderation decisions will be made by the entire group with a Chair appointed within the group to keep the peace:>

Second, the NANOG Program Committee has elected a new chair - thank you Steve Feldman! Steve will now handle speaker communications that deal with content, and will make any last-minute decisions about what to include on the agenda.

Third, we are creating a new email list, NANOG-futures, to discuss NANOG's evolution. We hope you'll participate - watch for a message later today or tomorrow about subscribing and a proposed time-line for moving us forward.

Finally, to get your input on content for NANOG agendas, the Program Committee will soon release a survey asking for your feedback regarding the kind of talks you'd like to see at upcoming meetings. You'll find a link to the survey soon on the main NANOG page.

Lastly, we've also published the results of the 2004 attendee surveys that were conducted in Miami, San Francisco, and Reston. (The Las Vegas results are still being tabulated.) All future survey results will continue to be posted as soon as they are available. In the past we've shared these results with the Program Committee, and hope making them widely available will give you some insight on what's been suggested so far, and what more still needs to be done. To that end, members of the PC and Merit will be doing a thoughtful analysis of previous survey data. Our goal is to provide responsive feedback in order to expedite the process up to full throttle.

Thanks everyone - we'll be in touch.