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Re: NANOG Changes

  • From: Gadi Evron
  • Date: Thu Feb 17 03:42:19 2005

First, the NANOG list will now be moderated by a volunteer group that includes Marty Hannigan, Steve Gibbard, and Chris Malayter. Many thanks to these folks for taking on this role in upholding the list's AUP.
Just a small comment from someone looking from the outside of the NANOG political mess...

I have nothing against these people, I know one of them and of them, and am sure they are good people. More over, they are volunteers and that's commendable.

Leaving silly disclaimers aside, how did you collect candidates? How were these candidates selected? Who selected them?

Reforms are nice, but unless I missed something, the main point you were speaking of was more visibility how of things are done. Why not let the community chose it's own side of the leadership, after all, nobody is contending:

> list's AUP. Susan Harris and Sue Joiner will represent Merit on the
> committee. Moderation decisions will be made by the entire group with > a Chair appointed within the group to keep the peace:>

If all this was answered somewhere and I missed it, please consider this a troll and accept my apologies.