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Re: The Cidr Report

  • From: Alexander Koch
  • Date: Sun Feb 13 03:09:46 2005

On Sun, 13 February 2005 07:31:16 +0000, Christopher L. Morrow wrote:
> There are some business reasons to de-aggregate. Look at some outages
> caused by 'routing problems' (someone leaked my /24's to their peers,
> peers, peer and my traffic got blackholed, because the public net only
> knows me as a /20)

I am surprised you bring such an argument up. While we can
surely agree on this happening on the net, I have yet to
hear from someone saying this is happening more than once
a month or so. Maybe Todd from Renesys has other examples
besides the Yahoo incident.^

> There are multiple reasons for deaggregation aside from 'dumb operator',
> some are even 'valid' if you look at them from the protection standpoint.

I won't argue that, but how many ISPs are using this line
of argument? I have not heard anyone yet telling me this,
not in years.

And surely you can get notification for any more specific
prefixes in your networks from Renesys and likely others
already, if you do not write a script yourself that has a
look on routeviews or other similar services and notifies

Also things like conditional announcements and no-export
are often not known, and if you have two POPs and lack the
'backbone' capacity between these there are still other
ways than just announce more specifics all around the