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Re: The Cidr Report

  • From: Philip Smith
  • Date: Sat Feb 12 08:20:11 2005

Neil J. McRae said the following on 12/02/2005 21:06:
The issue we see is bad aggregation - the root cause is bad practise and processes that manifest into bad aggregation. I would argue that networks with poor aggregation are also networks that will tend to have more routeing issues and other outages although I have no
data to back that claim up.
I think it depends on which part of the world you look in. But I've visited enough ISPs in the last 7 years in my part of the world (outside US and Western Europe) to know that this is an accurate statement. Again, no data to back this experience up.

Neil J. McRae said the following on 12/02/2005 21:07:
>>Commercial reasons? The traffic goes to the 32x/24 instead of
>>the /19.
> If that's the reason why the table is growing so much then we
> are all in deep deep trouble.

Quite often many service providers are de-aggregating without knowing it. They receive their /20 or whatever from the RIR, but they consider this to be 16 Class Cs - I'm not joking - and announce them as such to the Internet. I spend a lot of time getting these folks to announce aggregates, but it is hard work convincing people that this will even work. Even if the RIR recommends that they announce their address block, they still consider it as Class Cs - even Class Bs for some big allocations. :(

Solution is education, but the industry is such in many parts of the world that education is not desired but considered a negative reflection on people's abilities, whether they have the abilities or not. And the lack of educators - there are several of us on the worldwide NOG trail but it's very clear we are not enough. Nor do the NOGs cover the ISP industry, but just those who are interested in participating. We are not enough due to lack of time, lack of supportive employers, more focus on making profit in these leaner times, etc...

Where next I don't know...