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Re: The Cidr Report

  • From: Marc Binderberger
  • Date: Fri Feb 11 16:00:19 2005

Hello Stephen,

any thoughts on how to fix it?
back to the "smallest allocation" per /8 that the RIRs have published and make it part of the MoU at the larger NAPs/exchange points.

at the large end i'm still without an explanation as to why large networks require so many prefixes - none of them seem to comment?
Commercial reasons? The traffic goes to the 32x/24 instead of the /19. Not to mention the BGP customer may go to another provider. You end up in discussions (if you get that chance at all) with your sales group and look like a dogmatic fool as "other companies do this".

Saving the world works best if the pain is no one's fault - at least "not my fault" ;-)

Regards, Marc
Marc Binderberger <[email protected]>