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RE: (newbie) BGP For Dummies?

  • From: Kashif Salam
  • Date: Mon Dec 13 12:50:52 2004

Nice resource from Cisco for BGP

Kashif Salam 

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Look under the "BGP" sub-heading for links to a lot of info.


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> Subject: (newbie) BGP For Dummies?
> "Hi, long-time listener, first-time caller..."
> Can anyone recommend a good forum for BGP questions? I've got my copy of the
> O'Reilly book handy, but having never really worked with BGP before, I find
> it's not really the best novice-level work.
> (Or, if questions about weird inter-AS routing scenarios are on-topic here,
> I'd
> be glad to bounce my problems around on NANOG.)
> Thanks!
> David Smith

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