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Peering best practices advice needed.

  • From: Rolo Tomassi
  • Date: Wed Dec 08 12:05:22 2004

Hi all,

Please forgive the simplistic nature of the query..

Basically my company is multi-homed with 2 different providers in the UK, and advertising a /18. Now some colleaguges in another part of the world want to break that /18 into two /19's and advertise one /19 and we advertise the other. This is fine, however we are NOT running IBGP in the core, therefore the UK customers in the /19 will not be able to reach the other /19 as there would be a loop detected through EBGP.

Now someone mentioned that we could use AS-LOOP-IN feature which will overcome this problem and allow us to route to each other via EBGP. I really think this is a bad idea but until we get an internal link - I dont see a way forward. So... anyone doing this currently in their network or have any "best practices" way round this. I want our company to be good Netizens but still be able to pass traffic between the 2 /19's.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Rolo !

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