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RE: Microsoft suing spammers....Tilting at windmills?

  • From: Blake L. Smith -, Inc.
  • Date: Fri Dec 03 18:14:49 2004

I think it's a good thing Microsoft is going after spammers - who cares
if they loose the money (or their freedom, heh) they earned from sending
you an email.


Best Wishes,

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Subject: Re: Microsoft suing spammers....Tilting at windmills?

> It makes one wonder if an entity with as deep pockets and
> adept legal staff might actually make an impact on spammers,
> or if they are simply tilting at windmills.

Either way, it's a good thing.  It takes resources away from Micr0$0ft's
other legal pursuits which can't possibly be a bad thing.  It might
have an impact on spammers (which also can't possibly be a bad thing).

For once, I see this as a win-win proposition.


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