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is reverse dns required? (policy question)

  • From: Greg Albrecht
  • Date: Wed Dec 01 11:57:46 2004

i'm currently having an argument with management.

we've recently gotten an influx of customer request for us to setup reverse dns for the customer's mail servers, since most sites (aol, freebsd, others) require it to accept mail, and reject mail if it is not from a server with reverse dns (i'm aware this is an emerging trend).

because of previous management decisions, we were never directed to setup any reverse dns records for any customers unless solicited to do so by the customer.

however, management has taken it upon themselves to charge our customers
for every reverse dns request they submit to us.

my argument to management is that it's good practice to set this up even before customer solicitation, and to do specific host names per customer specification, completely with-out cost.

my question is:

are we obligated, as a user of ARIN ip space, or per some BCP, to provide ad-hoc reverse dns to our customers with-out cost, or without financial obligation.


Greg Albrecht ([email protected]) * 1-415-794-5944