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Re: ULA and RIR cost-recovery

  • From: Nils Ketelsen
  • Date: Wed Dec 01 09:08:42 2004

On Wed, Dec 01, 2004 at 08:41:37AM +0200, Pekka Savola wrote:

> Uhh, I'd say there are a thousand or two such ISPs in the world. 
> That's not insignificant.  It isn't useful to be stingy when 
> allocating prefixes to ISPs which _might_ end up needing more than a 
> /32 for their customer /48 assignments.
> And if such ISPs decide that rather than going through the process of 
> justifying more space, they end up giving the customers /64's 
> instead.. well, the result might not be pretty.

I think the risk of ISPs handing out /64s is very small. Actually I expect
most of the consumer ISPs (and they are the ones with the large number
of customers) to hand out /128s. If they started giving networks
(and not just single Addresses) to their customers their complete set of
"business products" would no longer exist. I doubt the techies are
strong enough to fight this through against product management.