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Re: Where can I find a list of IPs and their regions.

  • From: Laurence F. Sheldon, Jr.
  • Date: Tue Feb 10 19:57:01 2004

Scott Weeks wrote:

On Mon, 9 Feb 2004, Matthew Crocker wrote:

: I've look at IANA but it doesn't give enough detailed information.  I
: would like to find a list of /8 or /16s and what geographic region the
: exist in.  I know it isn't an exact science but something close would
: be nice.  I know 210/8 & 211/8 are APNIC, I likes to know stuff like
: 210.100/16 is Korea and 210.120/16 is China, etc.   Does anyone have a
: list I can pull from?

Maybe I'm going to have a case of stick-foot-in-mouth disease so:
<setenv flameproof_panties=ON>  :-)

This only works for a certain percentage of networks.  Most likely a
higher percentage post tech bubble collapse.  I used to work for a company
that had and we announced that globally.  So you couldn't
say was in the US (or even NA) as it'd appear from ARIN
or other data sources.
I think the right answer is "There is no location information in an IP
address for the reason given, and for additional reasons (such as
"tunneling", and various mobility schemes).  Telephone numbers,
particularly North American Numbering Plan Area numbers, do no contain
the location information they used to.

You can make statistical estimates (the odds are numbers in range X-Y
are in area Z).