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Re: [IP] VeriSign prepares to relaunch "Site Finder" -- calls

  • From: Paul Vixie
  • Date: Tue Feb 10 19:29:04 2004

[email protected] (JC Dill) writes:

> Just as Canter and Siegel's green card spam was a novel way to (ab)use
> SMTP for Canter and Siegel's profit, ten years later Verisign develops
> Sitefinder [1] - a novel way to (ab)use DNS requests for Verisign's
> profit. ...

while i won't fault your analogy on structural grounds, i challenge it
on factual grounds.  the c&s green card imbroglio came from nntp, not smtp.

> I believe that there is no good "operational" way to solve either problem.

and yet, the place to discuss non-operational solutions is not [email protected]  i
suspect that you will find plenty of places to make your proposals, wherein
many other people will also make their own proposals, with nobody reading
anybody else's proposals.  sort of like here, except politics not operations.


[email protected] (David Lesher) writes:

> ...
> Thus, SiteFinder was an unfunded mandate on us.

while i think that's a true statement i don't think it goes far enough.  in
the washpost article the other day some looney fringe technical zealot said:

        "This is a form of theft by most legal definitions, if you're going
        to shift costs unilaterally toward another group of people to
        increase your own profits. It's certainly unethical and immoral and
        it would be illegal if you were to do it with physical goods."

Paul Vixie