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RE: IPv6 reverse lookup - lame delegation?

  • From: Jeroen Massar
  • Date: Tue Feb 10 08:47:41 2004


Jun-ichiro itojun Hagino wrote:
> > > > 	if i try to log into my machines back in tokyo by IPv6 SSH, it takes
> > > > 	very long time.  i guess i found the reason - (possible) lame delegation
> > > > 	of query returns instantly.
> > > > 	how could we fix it?
> > > By fixing the software as was deprecated 2 years+++
> > > ago as you should already know.

For people wanting to know the real date:
RFC 3152 - Delegation of IP6.ARPA, BCP 49, dated August 2001

> > 
> > 	for backward compatibility reasons many software do
> > 		query;
> > 		if (not found)
> > 			query;
> > 	i'm not too sure if we can remove the "query" part today.

Not yet indeed, unfortunatly. The RIR prefixes under, at least
for RIPE, seem to exist though if they don't take it up with them.
RIPE does require 2 mails to marvin, one for and one for

Personally I would say, don't delegate, only use and
identify the software to be fixed and fix it. Btw XP will support it
in SP2, I heared the 5500 build beta (or something) did it correcly.

New software should just *only* do and not even bother with or fallbacks unless you explicitly need it. IRC servers are
really the only thing I can think of so that is not really important.
SSH on the otherhand is handy though.

Oh and yes, I still use 3ffe:8114:2000:240::/60 at home thus indeed
I have the problem when the delegation is not there and
the software doesn't resolve it anymore...

> 	i mean, is not even delegated.

You obviously mean

Check the following: "RFC 3681 - Delegation of E.F.F.3.IP6.ARPA"
BCP 80, January 2004, hmmm more than 2 years difference, that
took a lot of backhall politics to solve for such a simple thing.

My estimate is that it will work around 6/6/6 (2006 that is ;)
Then the 6bone will be gone anyways so it won't hurt.
Apparently the powers that be are setting it up, but as
for the complete debate on where the NS's will come nothing
is happening, there where quite a number of messages on the
6bone mailinglist about this. See:

and the following thread ;)


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