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Re: [IP] VeriSign prepares to relaunch "Site Finder" -- calls

  • From: Suresh Ramasubramanian
  • Date: Mon Feb 09 23:53:50 2004

Paul Vixie wrote:

why?  that is, why kill sitefinder?  there's been plenty of invective
on both sides, and a lot of unprofessional behaviour toward verisign
As I said, the measure may or may not be feasible - in fact, given that the domains are not registered, it most certainly is not feasible.

this is [email protected]  if you think sitefinder poses an operational problem
then please describe it (dispassionately).  if you think there is an
operational thing that ought to be done in response to sitefinder, then
please describe that (dispassionately).  the response you included...
You are of course right. The problem posed by sitefinder in its previous form has been discussed already, and our bind / djbdns resolvers have been patched appropriately to ignore the aberrant behavior introduced by verisign.

There ends the operational impact of verisign's decision, till such time as they revive sitefinder, and till such time as resolver patches in existence are modified if necessary to cope with the new edition of sitefinder.