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Re: Cisco Router best for full BGP on a sub 5K bidget 7500 7200 or other vendor ?

  • From: Robert E. Seastrom
  • Date: Mon Feb 09 20:02:31 2004

"Tom (UnitedLayer)" <[email protected]> writes:

> On Sun, 8 Feb 2004, Alexander Hagen wrote:
> > The PA-2FE-TX is about 1600.00- better to get a second PA-FE-TX with
> > second VIP2-50
> >
> > Now why is the CX-FEIP-2TX so much cheaper than the PA-2FE-TX ?????
> I believe because the CX-FEIP-2TX is a full length card.
> The PA-2FE-TX also isn't able to handle a full 100Mbps per port, so don't
> be suprised if it doesn't work well :)
> VIP2/50 is a much better combo.

The reason that the CX-FEIP-2TX is so inexpensive is that it is
interesting mainly as a curiousity of transitional technology.

A CX-FEIP-2TX is VIP1, not a VIP2 (even a 2-15 or 2-20), and is
incapable of being upgraded to do distributed anything, (cef, flow,
whatever).  It barely does full-duplex at line rate on one port, let
alone two.

Its sole use, if you happen to like to keep old hardware around, is
that it will work in a 7000/7010 with RP/[S]SP, (ie, not an RSP).  You
can use them in a 7500 (or a 7000 with an RSP7k), but why would you
want to?