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201/8 block

  • From: Ricardo G Patara
  • Date: Tue Dec 23 11:29:17 2003


As many of you all might known, LACNIC has been allocated the block
201/8 from IANA back in April/2003:

it was announced in this mailing list:

But, some users are facing problems with addresses in this range due
to old filters in some backbones.

There was recommendations and routes configurations tips in which the
201/8 block used to be referred as bogus route.
At the time those documents were created, the mentioned blocks was not
allocated by IANA yet.

What is not true since April/2003.

Based on this, we would like to ask to network administrators in
general to revise their router configuration to make sure they are not
filtering valid routes, like networks into 201/8 block.

Thank you.
Hostmaster // Registration Service
Latin America and Caribbean Region
Internet Addresses Registry