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Re: Need Contact at RoadRunner

  • From: william
  • Date: Fri Dec 05 18:28:38 2003

I think part of the problem is not only to notify but provide information 
for techs at another ISP to know what kind of problem they have (and if 
you block them, they may not be able to reach you to even ask).

I would remind that this thread started from Tom telling us that roadrunner
did not even record whey thy blocked him. Not only should they have recorded
it but perhaps had a location where Tom could find that:
 1. He's being blocked
 2. Why he is being blocked with particular example of abuse that caused it
 3. How long will block last or what steps he should take if he corrected
    the problem to notify and get the block removed

Since its difficult to maintain tracking system like this for every ISP, 
perhaps a more centralized abuse clearing house could be developed (by 
centralized does not mean it should involve in these disputes just provide 
forum for one ISP to record filtering policies that are being applied to 
another one). In fact more then one system like this can exist and ISPs 
may choose which system they use or run their own system, what would be 
important is to let everyone know what system they are using and how to 
get information from it, preferably in real time.

On Fri, 5 Dec 2003, james wrote:
> : > I may be reaching here but I think perl scripting can do this.
> : 
> : I wish.  I've been experimenting with doing exactly that for years.
> That is what I ment by "reaching", it was not intended to be a smart a** comment. 
> How about mailing to abuse/[email protected]<domain> ?  I realize that the postmaster/abuse
> account is often non-existent but at least you made the effort. To me the important
> thing is at least trying to notify. So the clueless miss out. Tuff. Those of us that care
> would like to know there is a problem, so we can solve it.
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