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RE: MTU path discovery and IPSec

  • From: cproctor
  • Date: Wed Dec 03 12:20:31 2003

The problem is described pretty clearly at    The issue I have
experienced is that fragmentation can lead to performance impacts that are

I wish we could start a clue campaign informing people why ICMP should not
be summarily dumped at the firewall.

Chris Proctor
EPIK Communications

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> On Wed, 03 Dec 2003 16:05:39 GMT, [email protected]  said:
> > 1) I assume MTU path discovery has to been in enabled on 
> each router in the path in order for it work correctly?!
> Actually, no.  All that's required is that:
> a) The router handle the case of a too-large packet with the 
> DF bit set by
> sending back an ICMP 'Dest Unreachable - Frag Needed' packet. 
>  I've never
> actually encountered a router that didn't get this part 
> right. (Has anybody ever
> seen a router botch this, *other* than a config error covered 
> in (b) below?)
> b) said ICMP makes it back to the originating machine.  This 
> is where all the
> operational breakage I've ever seen on PMTU Discovery comes 
> from. And in almost
> all cases, one of two things is at fault.  Either some 
> bonehead firewall admin
> is "blocking all ICMP for security" (fixable by reconfiguring 
> the firewall to
> let ICMP Frag Needed error messages through), or some 
> bonehead network provider
> numbered their point-to-points from 1918 space and the ICMP 
> gets ingress/egress
> filtered (this one is usually not fixable except with a baseball bat).