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Transformer takes out datacenter (Reno, NV)?

  • From: Jeremy Gaddis
  • Date: Wed Jul 30 02:01:39 2003

After being informed that my website was unreachable from
a few people, I verified that I couldn't query the DNS
servers for it.  I waited a few hours and they still didn't
respond.  A call to my domain registrar (who runs the DNS)
was answered by an machine.  A call to the home of the DNS
admin was answered.  He said that apparently a transformer
had blown up in or near a datacenter near Reno and, basically,
that nothing was working.  AFAICT, the datacenter itself had
no connectivity to the Internet at large and everything there
was inaccessible.  He said he'd heard three different times
that things were supposed to be fixed:  Midnight, 2am, and
6am (GMT-8).

Does anybody have any more (detailed) information on this?


Jeremy L. Gaddis   <[email protected]>