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Re: Patching for Cisco vulnerability

  • From: Måns Nilsson
  • Date: Sun Jul 20 06:36:28 2003

--On Friday, July 18, 2003 12:29:30 -0600 Irwin Lazar
<[email protected]> wrote:

> Just out of curiosity, are folks just applying the Cisco patch or do you
> go through some sort of testing/validation process to ensure that the
> patch doesn't cause any other problems?  Given typical change management
> procedures how long is taking you to get clearance to apply the patch?
> I'm trying here to gauge the length of time before this vulnerability is
> closed out.

We had a phone conference with our Cisco people thursday lunch MEST and
agreed on a testing scheme, where we would upgrade one of the (redundant)
core routers and one access router (our network basically has two kinds of
Cisco equipment, 12400 as core and 10700 as CPE) and let them run for an
hour -- if no problems by then we'd roll the upgrade through the network,
trying not to blackhole our customers. 

We went from 12.0(23)S1 to 12.0(23)S3, and it was mostly painless.

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