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  • From: Adam Spann
  • Date: Thu Mar 21 18:12:04 2002

Hi Guys and Ladies, 

I was wondering if anyone had worked out how to SNMP poll a cisco router for
BGP information.
I know that Cisco has support for this but I can't work out the SNMP path to
actually reach the BGP Mib portion.

I am looking to obtain the number of route prefixes recieved for a given BGP
Peer. I can currently do this using some perl. But I would like to move to
SNMP if possible.

If anyone has any pointers, and ideally the actual MIB path to at least
reach the BGP Mib I would be greatful.

Kind Regards,

Adam Spann
Network Operations Engineer

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 61 2 8304 9300 Fax: 61 2 9317 5856
631-637 Gardners Road Mascot NSW 2020