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Re: CEOlink

  • From: Eric Brandwine
  • Date: Wed Mar 13 22:44:22 2002

>>>>> "b" == batz  <[email protected]> writes:

b> This is a complicated issue. Maybe I'm off base, but Nanog is actually
b> really good. Combined with Bugtraq, Incidents, and a virus alert service, 
b> Nanog plays a vital role. Their only limitation is that they are on the
b> Internet. :)

Exactly!  That's why we need control plane separation.

Run SNMP, SSH, telnet, and SNTP (Simple NANOG Transport Protocol)
across the management network, so we're sure we have them when we need

Actually, NANOG does great.  Especially during Sept 11, information
was disseminated, help was offered and accepted, and except for a
couple of idiotic flames, the SNR was high.  ARPA designed the thing
to withstand nuclear blasts, and while this was not nuclear, it stood
up well.

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