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Provider Bypass

  • From: Christopher Wolff
  • Date: Sun Sep 30 19:55:54 2001

Dear List:

I have a customer that has a 3 meg link into my backbone providers network.  Unfortunately they are not getting anywhere near 3 megs between their 3 meg link and my 100meg direct connect over this backbone network. (Lucky to get 1 meg) The existing provider is 'reluctant to reroute traffic over a more optimal link for 1 customer'.  (I'll keep my venting to myself on this one..)

Lets say I add another provider that has a peering point 12ms away from this customer.  Is it possible to route this traffic through the alternative provider?

I guess the easy solution would be to advertise only this customers specific network to the alternative provider.

I know this is a vague question, just would appreciate some opinions and thoughts.

Christopher Wolff, VP, CIO
Broadband Labs