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Re: Cisco Memory Types

  • From: Barton F Bruce
  • Date: Sun Sep 23 06:08:41 2001

And for that one they also list the router as maxing at 128 meg with 4
slots and then only offer 16 meg SIMMs, not 32 meg ones. Clearly wrong.
Click on 4700M and you will get the right 32 meg Parity SIMMs or go to
the generic listing.

Crucial has a part number that is unique for each application so they
can track usage and simply upgrade / optimize depending on what they
have in stock in quantity that also qualifies. They don't ship SIMMs
stickered with the application specific ordering number. They simply
ship with their generic part number / description labels, and they
freely will tell you on the phone what that will be, but I wish there
were some online button to get that translation.

If you order from their generic memory list you need to first find it.
On their home page find the Resellers button under Solutions for... and
then click the Select memory component type button rather than Choose

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> >> I'm looking for something detailed enough to be able to buy some
RAM and
> >> confidently install it without it being wrong parity, voltage,
> > might be your choice,
> i checked for 7206/npe200 and it tried to sell me non-partity ram.
> randy