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Re: Cisco Memory Types

  • From: Barton F Bruce
  • Date: Sun Sep 23 05:40:15 2001

We have found Kingston to be quite expensive and not very useful
describing exactly what the module is, but has extensive cisco listings.

Crucial (which *IS* Micron itself's retail group) is spotty in cisco
product coverage in their cross reference listing. They list many even
obscure cisco items but when clicked you may get a "sorry we don't have
that one" message - perhaps they are seeing how much interest there is.

SimpleTech is pretty good. BUT, if using SimpleTech, do check each and
every one of their resellers as the price is often 2:1 or even *OVER*
3:1 between dealers. Luckily they list the dealers own catalog # and you
just click each for P&A.

You can tank up your NPE-300 to 256meg for under $80 with SimpleTech
for example at the lowest price dealer ($37.99 per 128 meg DIMM) - and
that still seems HIGH with most 256 running well below $40.

They claim that NPE-300 memory is PC100 ECC, and that VIP 4-80 is PC100
REGISTERED ECC. No wonder what we initially tried from random PC stock

So trying Crucial:

you find that each 128 meg direct from them is $20.69 and shipping is
FREE. But they list it as SDRAM PC133 ECC CL=3. For pennies more in
their generic memory listings, you can find the same but with CL=2. I
wonder if cisco would take advantage of that automatically?

The other interesting substitution is for all the newer processors that
can boot from FLASHDISK (disk0:, disk1:) as opposed to only the old
"Linear FLASH" (slot0: slot1: that you had to reformat or delete and
squeeze to make space), one should be using the disk flavor as they are
very user friendly. Just don't buy from cisco.

The ones cisco ships are vanilla SanDisk PCMCIA cards and are readily
available in many other and larger sizes than cisco sells.  Due to the
popularity of various camera formats, the compact flash units are far
less $s than the PCMCIA format but if you add the $9-14 PCMCIA to
Compact Flash adapter, your cisco will take compact flash - and you can
buy it all in any city at even crazy hours in an emergency.

Not sure how long compact flash cards will last in open COLO with camera
users wandering around, but that is another issue.

There was a time when the smart thing to do for 25xx routers was to
compress the images (.Z or -mz style) to let existing 4 meg flash SIMMs
still work with slightly over 4 meg images AND to force running from
DRAM so flash would remain (read/write) so uploads could be done running
normally without FLH. Now the images needed for new features have bulged
to where you must be running with 8 meg flash SIMMs and preferably 2 of
them. If your pet image fits in 8 meg, even though its SIMM is
(read-only) the other SIMM will remain (read/write) - again no FLH
needed for upgrades. Partition flash 1 8 with 2 4 meg SIMMs sucks
because you are back with FLH.

Does anyone have a consistent source for 80 pin 8 meg flash SIMMs AT
REALLY GOOD PRICES, and preferably with Intel chips as there are still a
LOT of 2500s out there with OLD boot PLCC chips that don't recognize AMD
flash. The Sharp chips are OK as they ID as and behave like Intel ones.
I keep finding 8 meg at around $60, but not where you can go next time
and expect to find more.