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Re: Re[2]: Checking visitors entering your facility

  • From: deeann mikula
  • Date: Thu Sep 20 20:31:52 2001

On Thu, 20 Sep 2001, Richard Welty wrote:

> given the stories we hear about routers and switches and servers being
> unplugged so that the vacuum or the buffer can be run, it's clear that
> nobody is escorting the cleaning staff around the facility. perhaps this
> should change.

wow.  you mean people actually let cleaning staff into their nocs?
i'd rather have a little clutter than let janitorial services into our
noc.  it's actually the responsibility of the technical staff to
vacuum the carpetted edges of the room and empty the wastepaper
baskets when it needs to be done.  wouldn't you rather move trashcans
out of the NOC once a week than worry about who is going in there
after hours and unplugging stuff?

but then again, two of the "bean counters" (myself and the owner) are
part of the technical team, so we think of things like that.  one of
the benefits of working for a tiny ISP i guess.

as for that reminder from sean about checking IDs, thanks for that.
we are about to have some installs done by verizon and adelphia which
will involve access to the noc and telco entrance.  i will pass that
reminder along to all of the staff.

deeann m.m. mikula

director of operations
telerama public access internet