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Re: More history (on meaning of Pearl Harbor) [OT]

  • From: Paul Donner
  • Date: Sun Sep 16 00:11:33 2001

At 11:32 PM 9/15/2001, Steven M. Bellovin wrote:
>The myth that American involvement in WWII made a significant difference
>from the point of view of defeating fascism is just a myth.  What US
>involvement did is to check advancement of communists, not Nazis.

Excluding, I assume, U.S. industrial production.
Let's not forget the massive pounding the US aerial bombing (US 8th AAF, et. al.)
gave the German military industrial complex nor the $11B in support to the USSR
by the USA, which has yet to be repaid (the US went on the give in excess of $48.6B
in aid to Europe and other countries the world over from 1941 to 1946).


>No wonder, US immediately took place of the main enemy of the Soviet
>Union. It still was worth it, Stalin was no better than Hitler.
>Sorry, fellow Americans, you _are_ brainwashed if you believe the drivel
>they teach you as "history".  "Fascist powers were doomed" because of
>Pearl Harbor, sure.  Until you check the figures and actually think for a
>second or two.

Educated Americans know about the relative casualty figures, I assure