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Re: Re[2]: telehouse - 25 broadway

  • From: Sean Donelan
  • Date: Sat Sep 15 23:59:01 2001

I'm sure a full analysis will be performed after the recovery
efforts are completed.  I'm also certain the operators of
both 25 Broadway and 32 Old Slip are working very dilgently
to get them running.

But I would like to point out, no one regularly runs their
generators for 48+ hours as part of a normal test.  In addition,
most standby generators are fitted only for "limited" duration
runs.  You should expect problems during any extended run of a
generator plant.  I'm a bit surprised that 25 Broadway and
32 Old Slip are the only ones we've heard about.

Until I know a bit more about what happened, I can't say
whether any alternative design could have performed better.

On Sat, 15 September 2001, Joe McGuckin wrote:
> Was this unit tested regularly? With a load bank?
> If there was a weekly test run, why wasn't this problem caught?
> It seems like there's a lesson to be learned here.
> My guess is that many sites' idea of a periodic test is to fire up the 
> generator (without a load) for 5 or ten minutes and assume everything's ok.
> How many folks actually perform a load transfer to the generator during
> testing to check out the transfer switch ?