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Re: More CNN reports... [OT]

  • From: Dean Robb
  • Date: Sat Sep 15 00:08:52 2001

At 09:51 PM 9/13/2001, you wrote:
<> says:

Question 1: "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant, and fill him with a terrible resolve." Who said that and in what circumstance? (Difficulty 6).
Answer 1: Japanese Admiral Yamamoto Isoroku, commenting on the aftermath of the attack on Pearl Harbor (1941). Probably no truer words were ever spoken. The sneak attack that decimated the Pacific Fleet also unified the American people like no other single event in its history. From that point forward, the fascist powers were doomed.
Source: Pearl Harbor, a Life Magazine Collector's Edition
Maybe he said it and was quoted for the movie? A rare case of a screenwriter being historically accurate? Since Yamamoto ain't around to ask, it's really moot - I was simply trying to make a point that terrorists have made a severe strategic error.

BTW: Sen. Biden used that quote today...

'Nuff said - let's try to be operational :)

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