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Re: 25 Broadway...

  • From: Barney Wolff
  • Date: Thu Sep 13 19:14:50 2001

Could people pretty please not refer to 25 Broadway as 25 Broad?
I used to work at 25 Broad Street, which is two short blocks east
of Broadway.  Real New Yorkers abbr Broadway as Bway.

It's bad enough that I used to work at WTC and OLP and 60 Hudson,
hearing about trouble at yet another former place of toil/joy
drives me nuts, all the more so when it seems it's not the same
place at all.

Barney Wolff

On Thu, Sep 13, 2001 at 06:09:37PM -0400, Randy Bush wrote:
> a bunch of older intl circuits are hauled there and some folk peer
> privately in 25 broad.  i guess we will learn how many of those do
> not have good alternative paths.
> would those europeans who do not get this message please reply? :-)
> randy