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Re: 25 Broadway...

  • From: Rob Evans
  • Date: Thu Sep 13 19:07:54 2001

[Apologies in advance if this is NOG but not NANOG, I figured it
might be interesting to some of the people around here.]

> I detected DANTE routes (some of the European research nets use
> that) flapping then disappearing.

Indeed.  TEN-155 (the European part of DANTE's network) is up and
running.  However, the peering between TEN-155 and CA*NET3 is down
as that uses a circuit that goes through 25 Broadway.

DWS (DANTE World Service) is subscribed to by a subset of TEN-155
NRENs (National Research and Education Networks) and provides
connectivity to Abilene, ESNET and UUNET.  Some (but not all)
subscribers do have alternative access.

Abilene <--> DWS has been running on a backup circuit since Tuesday
afternoon, ESNET <--> DWS was on a circuit that failed Tuesday
afternoon, but UUNET had been available almost continually.  There
was a point where UUNET apparently lost two of their routers which
took out three of the four DWS STM-4s, but they reappeared earlier

However, all of the DWS is currently out until power is restored.

DANTE World Service NOC