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RE: More CNN reports...

  • From: Jeb R. Linton
  • Date: Thu Sep 13 10:55:36 2001

I can confirm the other report...

A friend of the family made it out of the second building by leaving after
the impact on the first.

After the initial impact he started walking down from about 80; the building
PA system came on and told them that a plane had struck the other building
and that they were safe to return to their offices. For most of his way down
he was fighting the tide of people walking back up.


- Jeb

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Roeland Meyer wrote:
> I'm impressed. From all of the reports, the appearance is that
> they've managed to empty most of the building in less than 10
> minutes.

According to:

There was 18 minutes between the first crash and the second.  People in
the second tower who began evacuation as soon as they saw the first
crash had enough time to get out (or at least below the level of the
fire from the second crash), if they moved quickly.

Each tower remained standing for more than an hour after their
respective crash (tower 1 remained for 1:45, tower 2 remained for
1:02).  More than enough time for people below the fires to evacuate.

Of course, those at or above the level of the fire in building one had
little chance of escape, and people in wheelchairs may have been
trapped, but it is entirely believable if most of everybody else was
able to clear out in time.  But we won't know for certain for quite some

-- David