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HOAX: Re: Military asking to ISPs to shut down equipment?

  • From: Sean Donelan
  • Date: Thu Sep 13 10:53:50 2001

I haven't heard from the NCS, but this is certainly a hoax.  For
your information, the procedures telephone carriers follow are
documented on the web site

This is not how such a request would be made.  In addition, ISPs
are *NOT* currently part of the civil defense, or any of the other
federal emergency plans.  For the most part, the federal plans are
silent about the Internet. So the military doesn't really have a
way of making this request to ISPs even if it wanted to do it.

Once again, ISPs should attempt to do things out of the ordinary.
Jokers have impersonated law enforcement in the past, trying to get
information out of ISPs.  

On Thu, 13 September 2001, "Seth M. Kusiak" wrote:
> Has anyone received a request like the one that was I forwarded below?
> [Stuff Deleted] 
> We just received a call from our ISP that they were contacted by Quest 
> Communications who is a major National ISP who in tern was contacted by the 
> Military and were asked to shut down a lot of their equipment connecting 
> clients to the Internet so that there would be more bandwidth. Other ISP 
> supposedly received the same call. 
> Get ready for a big outage.... 
> [More Stuff Deleted]