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140 West Street info

  • From: Scott Drassinower
  • Date: Thu Sep 13 01:09:21 2001

Verizon gave a press conference on Wednesday afternoon (1pm) with an
update on the status of their network in Lower Manhattan, including
details about 140 West Street.
should work to pull up the entire release, or call 877 519-4471, PIN

"The West Street facility contains four call-processing computers serving
200,000 access lines and the equivalent of 3 million data circuits in
lower Manhattan. Babbio said that while some circuits that serve the Wall
Street area go through the building, the company was attempting to by-pass
the West Street facility for these circuits.

Babbio said the company does not have an estimate on how long it will take
to bring the center fully back online. "The building has three or four
major holes -- that means water and dirt have gotten in to sensitive
computer gear.

Babbio said the company also is pumping water from the basement so that it
can restore power to the building using generators. Additional switching
equipment is on standby."

The replay of the conference goes into more detail about the conditions in
the building and what they are worried about in terms of cables and
hardware being damaged or destroyed.  They take care to point out that
once the building comes back online, customers still may not get
service until additional repair work underground or at customer premises
gets completed.

A few Verizon employees (installers or repair techs) working on higher
floors had not been accounted for at the time of the conference, and there
was a somewhat confusing mention of a couple of Genuity employees who may
have been with them.  The sales and other office folk (about 500) were on
lower floors (9-12 or so) of the tower and nearly all have been accounted

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