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Don't blame Intelligence or Security Agencies.....

  • From: clarke
  • Date: Thu Sep 13 01:03:54 2001

Yes, security in airports is a serious problem. However this can happen at
any level. The problem is the terrorist and their "kamikaze" mentality.
If a terrorist creates a makeshift bomb, attaches it to their bodies and
decides to walk into the nearest mall, what stops this individual from
killing hundreds?

Airport security is an issue, but it is not the answer to terrorism, by ANY
means. What if these terrorist decided to take four vehicles filled with
explosives to the Holland Tunnel, Midtown Tunnel, GW Bridge and the
Williamsburg bridge? What would we do then? Blame bridge and tunnel
security? Once again, the problem is the terrorist.

The intelligence agencies in the United States are the best in the world.

Get your shit straight!

~ Clarke ~