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Re: World Trade Center attack

  • From: Steven J. Sobol
  • Date: Tue Sep 11 20:53:38 2001

On Tue, 11 Sep 2001, Jake Baillie wrote:

> Cleveland Hopkins has a Boeing 767 in a secure area that is a suspect
> hijacked plane and possibly has a bomb on it (rumor - from Mayor White).

I left the downtown area for unrelated reasons, but I can confirm this. As
far as I know, the hijacked Delta plane is still sitting at Hopinks

There are several smaller airports in the area - Burke Lakefront and Lost
Nation (municipal) and the Cuyahoga County Airport in suburban Richmond
Heights. I'm assuming they're closed but don't know what security measures
are in place.

Burke is downtown. Lost Nation is 20 minutes east of the city.

> Police are going from door-to-door "recommending" that people go home, and
> Mayor White has issued a partial evacuation order from Cleveland.
> Interstates and Highways in and out of the cities are closed.

Governor Taft has declared that all non-essential personnel should go
home, as has Hizzoner.

To bring this on-topic, Tower City, Key Center (Key Bank's HQ), and the
former corporate HQ of BP Amoco were evacuated early. Tower City houses a
telco hotel, and the adjacent Skylight Office Tower houses the Cleveland
offices and several studios of broadcasting company Clear Channel

Radio is alive and well here. In fact, I'm listening to live news over
Clear Channel's 50-kilowatt AM station, which is being simulcast on all of
their Cleveland- and Akron-area radio stations. Not all of their stations
are at Tower City -- one of them may still be down on Lakeside Avenue, and
one of them is out in the valley -- so I imagine staying on the air wasn't
a big deal for them.

> Cell phones on the Nextel and Sprint network do not function at this time
> over here.

I'm in Painesville now, as Jake is. NorthCoast PCS, a local carrier, is up
and running. I don't have an Alltel, Cingular or AT&T phone, and I don't
have access to my Verizon Wireless phone. (That covers all of the cell
companies that cover Cleveland.) Ameritech's network seems to be up. I'm
dialed into NACS.NET, one of the large locals here, with no problem. I
imagine the other Cleveland ISPs are probably ok too. Haven't turned on
the TV yet.

IMHO we're lucky.

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