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Re: 220v/50hz power rig

  • From: David Luyer
  • Date: Thu Sep 06 05:43:10 2001

Depending on how much power you want (joined this thread late)
you could just use a standard inverter and a power pack.

A power pack will produce a 12V or 24V DC source for you and an
inverter designed to supply 220V 50Hz from a car battery can be
made to take it's DC input from that instead.

A quick web search for "inverter" "50Hz" throws up 210V, 220V,
230V and 240V inverters pretty easily.  Then you can work out
the power source, car batteries, power pack, DC power rails or
some combination.

(Australia is 240V 50Hz on the east coast, and I think it's still
250V 50Hz on the west coast, it used to be 260V and in some sites
[eg, BankWest tower upper floors on weekends, ie, where the microwave
gear for the academic network is located] I've seen up to 270V.)

David, hoping all his equipment which claims to be 110V-240V supports
       the US voltages and frequencies next week :-))
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