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Re: 220v/50hz power rig

  • From: Lincoln Dale
  • Date: Thu Sep 06 06:39:43 2001

[straying well from the topic here, but ...]

At 07:40 PM 6/09/2001 +1000, David Luyer wrote:
(Australia is 240V 50Hz on the east coast, and I think it's still
250V 50Hz on the west coast, it used to be 260V and in some sites
[eg, BankWest tower upper floors on weekends, ie, where the microwave
gear for the academic network is located] I've seen up to 270V.)
the tolerance is typically +/- 10%, so it isn't uncommon to see anything between 216-264V and HZ +/- 1%.

the +/- range on voltage is also what makes it 'easier' for power-supply makers (at least if the design isn't dependent on HZ).
this is why you typically see multi-range power-supplies state "115V or 230V".

HZ moving around causes far more problems -- makes peoples clocks go slow and fast. for that reason, HZ is very tightly regulated - if it goes over for a period, they'll make it go under to even it out.


NB. that is simply WA power and the fact that it is somewhat hard to regulate supply to demand when you've got an isolated grid.