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Re: ATM failure - No the other kind of ATM

  • From: Chris Woodfield
  • Date: Wed Sep 05 18:16:13 2001

As a small clarification, when you say IP, do you mean over the public
internet, or on a private IP network? I'm going to guess the latter, but
thought I'd ask...


On Wed, 5 Sep 2001, Patrick W. Gilmore wrote:

> At 01:11 PM 9/5/2001 -0700, Sean Donelan wrote:
>  >Since there is very little "unique" network equipment in
>  >the world now, just about everyone buys equipment from the
>  >same vendors.  So the question is, Can we learn anything from
>  >Citibank's experience.  Is there anything about their continuing
>  >problems which may be used to improve general network reliability?
> I've set up a few ATMs.  I have used DSLw+ & STUN on 25xx ciscos and 
> FRADs.  I have also seen modems used.  The machines themselves all ran OS2, 
> but some banks were talking about moving to NT (this was before Win2K).
> When they used IP, they did use cisco, but they did not all use IP.  That 
> said, I did most of this many years ago (remember - ianai :), and the 
> "newer" stuff was almost all IP.  It would not surprise me if the majority 
> of contemporary ATMs use IP.
> It would also not surprise me if Citibank has a lot of old ATMs that use 
> 4.8Kbps modems.
>  >I tried to find out some information from Citibank's web site
>  >about the issue, but I didn't see anything.
> Somehow I think they would be extremely reluctant to tell anyone what they 
> use inside their ATMs....
> --
> patrick