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Re: Policy Routing

  • From: Valdis.Kletnieks
  • Date: Sun Aug 26 01:21:45 2001

On Sun, 26 Aug 2001 00:39:40 EDT, John Fraizer said:
> I would be very upset if I were "Company X" and I found out that you were
> policy-routing my traffic to the "cheap" connection vs the best
> connection.

Given that there wasn't any indication that the "cheap" connection
was any less usable/reliable, I'd *expect* that the provider I was
signing up with would (as a sheer business matter) attempt to maximize
the difference between what I was paying and what transit was costing,
and as a result route me through th cheapest provider that met my SLA.

If I was a clever customer, I'd either phrase my SLA if I cared which
transit got used, or try to negotiate that some of the savings be
passed along to me ;)