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Re: Policy Routing

  • From: jlewis
  • Date: Sun Aug 26 01:25:20 2001

On Sun, 26 Aug 2001, Travis Pugh wrote:

> > I would be very upset if I were "Company X" and I found out that you were
> > policy-routing my traffic to the "cheap" connection vs the best
> > connection.
> I had the exact same thing proposed to me at one point or another in a
> different life, and refused outright.  If the salespeople in question are
> like most, they've already hyped the quality of whatever transit circuits
> the SP in question has ... even if it hasn't been specifically mentioned,
> piping a given customer's traffic out your cheapest transit point is
> something I'd consider ethically questionable.  I'm sure the customer won't
> appreciate it either.

I've had the same sort of thing proposed.  If the customer knows in
advance that you're going to send all their traffic through your cheapest
peer/transit path available, what's the problem?  They get what they pay
for...and for this sort of service, they'd obviously be paying noticably
less than best path routed customers.

I haven't actually set one of these up yet, but I don't see why they'd
need to be directly on the router to peer-A...unless you're figuring the
policy routing overhead will be substantially lower if you're applying on
their interface rather than a generic interface (with additional traffic)
on the peer-A connected router.

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