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Re: multi-homing fixes

  • From: Steve Noble
  • Date: Fri Aug 24 19:19:44 2001

On Fri, Aug 24, 2001 at 03:19:51PM -0700, Patrick Greenwell wrote:
> > the /24s of small multihomers is half the routing table (see geoff's data)
> > and is growing radially (if you are silly enough not to filter that stuff).
> You mean there are more smaller guys than larger ones?

And what's small?  CNN with a /24?  eBay with a /24?  Traffic wise they are
certainly not small, visability wise they are certainly not small, and I'm
pretty sure no one here will claim that.  Yet both annouce /24's out of the
Classful C space and get listened to (atleast by Verio who is a known filterer).

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