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RE: Maimi Nap of the America's

  • From: Daniel Golding
  • Date: Wed Aug 22 15:09:03 2001

Currently, it is an Ethernet NAP, similar to PAIX. I doubt you'll see any
more ATM NAPs. Basically, you can pull whatever kind of ckt you want into
the facility, then terminate it on your own router. Then you run Ethernet to
the switching fabric.

I don't think they have a peermaker app, but it has been discussed for NOTA,
so I'm sure they'll build one if there is demand. The only real reason to
have one at an ethernet NAP is for building private VLANs, which may or may
not get heavily used. As NOTA is run as a collaboration between Terremark
and an industry consortium (which you become a member of when you come into
the NAP), they tend to be quite responsive.

BTW, the alternative to placing your equipment at a NAP like this is to get
a metro ethernet like from someone like Yipes or Telseon, and locate your
gear somewhere else. Epik provides metro ethernet into that facility, and
others may as well. Of course, you would still need to have a router
somewhere in the Miami metro area.

- Daniel Golding

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Does anyone have any experience with peering at this NAP, the doc's I read
say I can connect to the NAP in three flavors ATM, POS, and Ethernet. But
the technical side of the house tells me I must co-locate and can only
connect via ethernet for peering.

Also any way to find out who is currently peering today, their web page
doesn't tell me much. I would also be curios to know if there is a
peermaker type site or how elegant it is to setup peering with someone at
this NAP.