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Re: Affects of the balkanization of mail blacklisting

  • From: Wojtek Zlobicki
  • Date: Tue Aug 14 09:10:07 2001

> There are plenty, but most of us are too goddamn lazy to do it ourselves,
> and ask for an ORBS or MAPS like service to do it for us.  We have ?
> NEVER  had a spam problem (we've been here since 1994) going out - not > a
single  incident (not that we probably won't haqve one *someday*, but ?
>still, it's  a hell of a good track record).
There aren't plenty of ways.  If it were such an easy task, we would not be
having this conversation.

> The SPAM problem goes up and down to be sure, but you know what?
> is your friend.  All you need to look for are the basics (ADV, Make Money,
> etc) and you can instatly filter 90 percent of this trash into the
> bitbucket.
So lets see, I write an email to a client and use the words "make money"
either in the header or in the body of the message... did someone all of a
sudden give you the right to filter my mail based on content? Glad I don't
have you doing my mail.

> Lets get my position straight:  I think spam is annoying as heel, and
> should not be done.  I don't think that SPAM is going to cause any major
> social upheavals.  I also disagree that all people want to be spared from
> SPAM, and with thaqt in mind, I believe everyone should defend themselves
> to the best of their interest, and leave the next guy alone: he or she
> probably has *way* more important things to worry about.

SPAM is a major problem.  It is causing large ISPs and SP a great deal of
money and resources.  Why should I have to spend my hard earned profits
purchasing filtering solutions like Brightmail.  If there is an industry
created due to problems dealing with SPAM, we have a big issue on our hands.

Lets Make a List of Things we need to get done

1) World Peace 2) End to Hunger 3) Elimination of SPAM